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Loose Cosmetic Glitter

30.00 Grams
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Product Description

Fab Faces stock Mama Clown, Amerikan Body Art and a few specially sourced glitters.  They are polyester cosmetic glitters (.008 polyester, hexagonal particles)  and add that extra touch of sparkle to your face and body art.  They can be used on the lips, eyelids, used for glitter tattoos, mixed with gel to create a glitter gel or applied dry directly to the skin for a glittery finish. These glitters are soft to the touch and fine enough that it doesn't require adhesive in order to stick to the skin.

Importantly, because of their cut, these glitters are safe to be used around eyes.

We stock iridescent/sheer glitters which are ideal for face painting (though also work for other purposes) as they don't cover the design, but rather add a nice shiny finishing touch.  We are also have a great range of opaque glitters which give more solid coverage.

Poofer bottles are excellent for adding an even mist of glitter to your designs but if you've got empty poofer bottles floating around home, why not get a refill bag and help save the planet?  :)


  • Holographic White (sheer holographic): Holographic White is the most popular glitter color for henna artists and face painters. It is best used for face & body painting, poofing over wet henna paste, and for body glitter. 
  • Fairy Dust (sheer holographic):  A white/opal holo glitter is a staple in every face painter's kit as it works beautifully over any paint to add sparkle.  This one reflects mostly pink and yellow in the holo.
  • Heavenly (sheer holographic):  This glitter was specially made for face painters who are looking for a white/opal glitter that really reflects every colour of the rainbow.  This glitter is especially fine cut and although it sparkles every colour, it is not quite as obvious as Fairy Dust due to it's super fine cut.
  • Fruit Punch (semi-sheet holographic):  Deep pink glitter with golden shimmer.  This glitter is gorgeous overtop of metallic pink paint on lips for massive sparkle!
  • Bubblegum Pink (sheer holographic): This bright pink is sure to attract attention to your girly designs! So bright, it's almost fluro with true pink and lilac shimmer.
  • Punk Rock Pink (sheer holographic): This medium pink holo glitter reflect blue tones that catch the light beautifully and add dimension to your girly designs.
  • Rose (opaque): A beautiful cool-toned pink that will add a touch of elegance and metallic brilliance to your designs.
  • Fuchsia (opaque): The perfect shade in between pink and purple! 
  • Grape Soda (opaque):  Vibrant violet coloured glitter, the idea tool to make your purple designs really pop.
  • Deep Burgundy (opaque): A stunning metallic burgundy glitter. Perfect to add depth to deep pink designs and to add a beautiful sparkle to black.
  • Starry Night (semi-sheer holographic): This is a charcoal based holo glitter that catches mostly blue and green in the light. The perfect option to add sparkle to your boy designs.
  • Meridian Blue (semi-sheer holographic): A deep but vibrant holo blue that would look awesome over top of black as well as blue.
  • Royal Blue (opaque):  A true, vibrant and bright mid-toned blue glitter.
  • Mystic Periwinkle (sheer holographic): A stunning light blue holographic glitter. One of Sarah's personal favourites!
  • Ocean Spray (opaque):  This teal glitter is the ideal tone to bridge blue and green.
  • Faerie Wing c: Light to mid green holo glitter that throws mostly golden shimmer. A beautiful glitter to accompany Mystic Periwinkle.
  • Sea Green (opaque): A light metallic green glitter.
  • Lemon Zest (sheet holographic): Bright and cheery, this yellow will add life to any tiger!  
  • Holographic Gold (semi-sheer holographic): A true holographic gold, that throws every colour in the spectrum.
  • Brilliant Gold (opaque): Add a touch of glamour to your designs with this metallic gold glitter.
  • Copper (opaque): A pretty and mature copper glitter.
  • Tangerine (opaque): This metallic orange glitter would be the perfect addition to your tigers to add sparkle and colour.


NB:  The refill bags are designed to fill the 1/2oz and 1oz poofer bottle so that amount of glitter will be slightly less than that.

Pro Tip:  Hold poofer bottle 10cm from the face and squeeze bottle for a gentle blast of glitter over your entire design.  Open and apply with your finger or the damp handle of a brush for more specific application.  Loose glitters stick best if applied to slightly damp paint.

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