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Stencils are taking over the face painting world!


If you follow the fabulous world of face painting, you may have noticed that stencils seem to be taking over!

I'll be the first to admit that when I first started face painting, the idea of buying and using stencils just felt a bit too much like 'cheating' for my liking!  Years on, my thoughts have certainly changed.

Stencils can be used to add texture to face paint designs, allow you to layer multiple designs quickly and can be added to a sponged base to help you move quickly through lines... just be sure to use a relatively dry sponge or dauber when you apply your paint, otherwise you run the risk of it seeping under the stencil.

All of our stencils are of course easily portable and reusable - just use a wet wipe to clean them off ready for the next use. 

If you're not sure quite what you're after, check out the difference between our stencils below:

Alex Hansen

These stencils are perfect for both face painting and body painting.  They're bigger than our other stencils and because of their repetitive nature, they can be laid beside each other to cover a large area.  These stencils are perfect for adding texture to your designs - they won't create your designs by themselves but they will add striking detail (very easily) to your face and body painting.  Layer them over top of your butterflies, skulls, and tigers to give you instant wow factor... because let's face it, who has the time or patience to paint this level of repetition.

The Ultimate Graffiti Eyes Stencil Kit

Lea Selley's awesome graffiti eyes seem to have caused the resurgence of stencils in face painting and for good reason!  These packs include three stencil sheets (with multiple designs on each sheet) and a series of step-by-step instructions to get you on your way.  These stencils are a bit different to the textural stencils that we just introduced, as they actually can be used almost by themselves.  To achieve the looks shown, it's just a matter of laying down a painted base (generally using a sponge), adding a number of different stenciled designs using your kit (layer them on top of each other for a genuine graffiti look!), possibly adding some simple linework or flowers and spritzing on plenty of cosmetic glitter.  These stencils can also be used to compliment your normal face paint offerings too - especially your 'boy' designs (I use that term very loosely as I believe any design suits any gender, but you know what I mean) as they add instant street cred!

TAP Stencils

If you're new to face painting or need something to allow you to cut through long lines quickly, these are a great option.  Each stencil is approximately 2" wide, making them the perfect size to be used on the face.  Anyone can pick these little stencils up and use them with success... if you've got the time, be sure to lay a sponged base down (you could even use your graffiti eye set to make this a bit more interesting!) and add a few hand painting flourishes.

How do you like to use your stencils?

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